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C2C Customer Testimonials


Don’t just take our word for it.   Read what some of our customers have to say about us

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Over the years, our customers have enjoyed the benefits of C2C’s email archiving and mail compression solutions for a variety of reasons. We’d like to share some of their testimonials about how our products helped with their storage, retention, eDiscovery and compliance issues.

“ArchiveOne helped incredibly.  No more running utilities to compress data; no more asking secretaries to delete emails.  We’re now down to 4GB by implementing several basic policies.  One of the two policies we use is the archiving of all the folders in Outlook for the exception of Deleted and Sent items that are over 90 days old.”

Jason Rodriguez, IT and Facilities Manager, Gray, Reed and McGraw P.C.

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“ArchiveOne really delivered. It offered all of the enterprise class features we needed and would not pose any disruption to our users.”

Thomas LeLacheur, Micro Computer Support Specialist, City of Manchester NH

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“The tool is the core of our migration process. Because it is SQL-based, it was simple to create custom SQL scripts and extend this very flexible tool to run the batch-type processes we needed.”

Director of IT, F500 Insurance Services Company

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“We chose ArchiveOne because of its seamless Outlook integration. Less expensive products weren’t seamless: the fact that ArchiveOne needed no end user education made it the best value for our needs.”

Gene Haberman, IT Systems Administrator, Gallon Takacs Boissoneault & Schaffer

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“We got 40 percent of space back by using MaX Compression. And it is seamless — no one notices that the product is there. The attachment icon looks the same, it works with Outlook, and it works with Outlook Web Access. MaX Compression has been a really great product for us.”

David Haber, Senior Systems Engineer, Fletcher Allen Health Care

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“With ArchiveOne, we were able to minimize the server space needed for mailboxes with email archiving in the first place, removing the need for PSTs and allowing us to realize space savings once ArchiveOne was turned on.”

Randy Buzzard, IT Manager, City of Manassas  VA

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“We have benefited from using ArchiveOne Policy by increased productivity all around the company. Users are able to access their email without worry, and IT no longer has to spend time working with users and their offline archives and the problems that are inherent to them.”

John P. Petersen, Chief Information Officer at Heffernan Group

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“ArchiveOne Policy gives employees virtually unlimited storage space. It allows them to keep all their e-mails in one location in Outlook and now it is accessible remotely. With a fairly large traveling employee base and customers from North America to Europe to the Far East, it’s a huge bonus to be able to have all that previously inaccessible e-mail available remotely again. That ability alone pays for the system.”

Bill Wallace, IT Technologist, The Liburdi Group

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“I’d recommend ArchiveOne to any company with Exchange growth issues: the software does exactly what we wanted. Archiving is invisible to the user, easy to run and has resolved the risk and performance issues of our growing Exchange mailstores.”

Stephen O’Herlihy, Systems Administrator, Musgrave SuperValu-Centra

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“When a routine report was run, our largest mailbox user dropped out of the #1 spot – we thought we had a problem.  Instead, MaX Compression had already reduced his 35 GB+ mailbox by 13 GB!  It’s that good a product – it runs so seamlessly that users don’t even know their mailboxes are being compressed and optimized.”

Director of IT Services, F500 Life Sciences Company

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“If I had to do it again, I would make the same decision. I can’t say that about some other projects. ArchiveOne is a ’set it and forget it’ solution.”  

Kurt Plowman, Chief Technology Officer, City of Staunton VA

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“ArchiveOne has given us the compliant email archive we needed to meet regulatory requirements as well as our stringent budget.  It truly delivered on its promise to simplify email management and assure reliable protection and retention.”  

Steve Wilber, Chemung County NY

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“We are now compliant with the Public Information Act. The new archiving solution has placed our district in a favourable position, where we are protected from a potential accusation of not providing all information requested by a citizen. We can also show that our email records are in a tamper-proof storage system and that we can easily search and retrieve emails using the extensive search tools within the application. Our district has a product that can grow as our storage continues to increase over the years.”

John Orbaugh, Director of Technology Services, Tyler Independent Schools District

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“You always know when a good software solution is in play as it seamlessly controls tasks in the background with little cause for intervention. ArchiveOne falls into this category – feature for feature, the software meets or exceeds its competitors’ solutions and the support is friendly and flexible.”

Mark Clayton, Head of Business Services, The Oval Group

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C2C is now a Barracuda Networks Company.
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