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Who is C2C?

A niche software vendor providing advanced solutions for email management and ediscovery. We are self-funded, privately held. We are here to improve use of email in an organization.

What is the C2C story?

C2C has always had the view that email management is paramount to a company, yet IT managers have had poor tools to help them manage email systems from simple administration through to recovery of data. Our view is that the user comes first as their business life revolves around information provided to them in the email system. Reducing their productivity by forcing them to pay attention to detail of email management is not productive to a company.

From the early 1990’s C2C has argued against mailbox quotas in many public forums (from electronic mail associations to Microsoft and IBM conferences). We understand the needs of IT manager in providing a cost effective / efficient email system, while living within the constraints of complexity and government laws and regulations. We believe that IT and other corporate management should have tools to manage the data without interfering with the daily routines of the employee. We have taken that experience to solve the industry problems.

What does C2C offer its customers that is special or unique?

By paying attention to our customers in their challenges of managing their email systems we have produced solutions that are easy to implement, and are not disruptive on the user community. It is hardly surprising the problems of managing email today (volume of email, size of email, impact on storage, impact on users, discovering emails) are about the same as they were in 1996. Volumes increase year on year, pressure on finding email from HR or Legal is probably greater. Do you realize that with a 15% mail volume increase (year on year), and a 10% mail size increase (both conservative figures), from delivering 50MB per month of data in 2001 would deliver 500MB of data 10 years later. Management argued that 50MB was a lot in 2001. Storage may be much cheaper, but what mailbox quota do you have today. The only thing that is different is that on these volumes it would have taken 18 months to create a 1GB PST, and today it would take less than 2 months.

By listening to our customers, and understanding trends with email usage, we have developed solutions that benefit companies for today and tomorrow.

How is C2C different from other archiving companies?

Because we have tackled problems from a real-life perspective. We don’t want users to do anything different. We make the admin of our products familiar to an Exchange Admin. We make the system self-managing, not needing constant care and attention. We understand that Exchange admins are busy. We know that it is not practical to go visiting desktops to find data and that discovering data should be as easy as possible.

Why should a customer choose C2C over a similar company?

Because we care about the end-user, IT manager and email administrator we don’t short-cut development just to make it quicker to deliver a solution. Beyond this we care about our products. We stand behind them and we are proud of them. We believe we have made solid well researched decisions in developing our technology.

Where is C2C headed?

Our technical ability to discover email whether it is the live email system, a PST file (on a server or a remote laptop) or in an archive has taken us into the ediscovery market. We can co-exist with other vendors who chose to ignore some of the subtleties of managing and discovering data, and we can prove to our customers that our understanding of their needs makes us a good bet for solving other problems related to Information Management.

C2C will continue to develop and enhance our applications that allow us to be seen as a leading vendor in Information Governance solutions.


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