Access Security Manager


Enables IT Administrators to control and monitor access to Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and public folders, eliminating unauthorized access, maintaining system integrity and safeguarding confidential information

Access Security Manager

C2C’s Access Security Manager enables IT Administrators to control and monitor access to Microsoft Exchange mailboxes and public folders, eliminating unauthorized access, maintaining system integrity and safeguarding confidential information.

How can Access Security Manager help?

Mailbox and folder security – who is reading your e-mail?

There are now real business imperatives driving companies to ensure that their confidential internal data cannot be compromised. Public listed companies need to keep their information proprietary until they publish their results. With the majority of company executives relying on Outlook as their main data store, security of access has to be an issue. The thought that e-mail access could be compromised is probably far from the minds of most company officers but these people are the most likely targets of mailbox hackers.

In your company a hacker can be anybody who:

  • Feels they’ve been mistreated.
  • Seeks insider trading information.
  • Wants the inside story on their colleagues to benefit their career path.
  • Is merely curious.

The consequences of their actions can be devastating. C2C has heard of employees finding they have access to a department’s public folders, and changing permissions or even deleting whole trees of content, impacting months or even years of work.

So how real is the threat to mailbox or public folder permissions?

In reality, and particularly in medium to large organizations it’s not uncommon to find errors in permissions granted at set-up or during routine administration. Also, system and department configurations tend to change over time, so users may be inadvertently granted access when these alter, or users may carry historical permissions with them into different departments.

Archive One Access Security Manager can help the Exchange administrative team to ensure that all permissions are appropriate to the security policy. There are generally a huge number of permissions and only a small number of anticipated exceptions, making the task impossible manually.

Access Security Manager enables an automated audit of all permissions associated with an Exchange mailbox or public folder, and performs relevant changes.

Benefits at a glance

Prevent unauthorized access to confidential data

  • Ensure end users have the correct rights to mailboxes and folders

Prevent email impersonation

  • Eliminate misrepresentation through misuse of email identities like ‘Send on Behalf of’

Detect errors before they are exploited

  • Perform on-going audits of access rights across the organization.

Perform mass updates and generate summaries

  • Automates the multi-step process of compiling Exchange security settings
  • Ensure end users have the correct rights to mailboxes and folders

Access Security Manager enables you to

Simplify your Exchange security audit

Access Security Manager (ASM) automates the multiple tasks involved in compiling security settings, performs mass updates and presents simple summaries for the administrator. Process results can be output to a database for further analysis.

Pre-empt security breaches

ASM can run automatically, at set times, to provide on-going audits of access rights across the whole organization.  This enables errors to be detected before they are exploited.  Access Security Manager provides additional security for any email archive system.

Ensure safeguards for confidential information

ASM makes sure that the correct users have rights of each and every mailbox.  It helps prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to confidential or critical information by making certain that appropriate permissions are set. It prevents misrepresentation through misuse of organizational email IDs, by finding and helping remove erroneous ‘Send on Behalf of’ permissions, thus preventing email impersonation.

Search and update permissions automatically

ASM can run regularly for preventative monitoring and control over access permissions to avoid security flaws from developing or being exploited.  ASM can distinguish between all folder types including: Mail folders, Calendar folders, Notes folders, Journal folders and Contacts.  It ensures that legitimate diary sharing is not affected by changes in permissions which access email stores.

It is easy to implement, maintain and manage

Quick wizard-guided install, simple admin controls and standard interfaces minimize the Total Cost of Ownership.  ASM is proven from a handful of users to over 200,000 users multiple mail servers. The combination of detailed analysis of mail system security and clear administrative controls makes the Access Security Manager effective and reliable for both small and large organizations.

Benefits of Access Security Manager

  • Audits Exchange security settings quickly & effectively
  • Validates the integrity of access to email stores and public folders
  • Provides additional security for any email archive system
  • Helps with compliance regulations for safeguarding confidential information
  • Finds anonymous and deleted users
  • Prevents email impersonation and spots intrusion risks
  • Is easy to implement, maintain and manage

How does Access Security Manager work?

When Access Security Manager is configured to connect to an Exchange server by a user with appropriate administrative permissions on Exchange, it can:

Search public folder and mailbox permissions.

Narrow the search down by what the permission is on, who is granted the permission, what role they are granted, folder name, etc.

Change permissions – delete or modify the found permission, or add another permission to the same folder.

With mailboxes, you can also search for access that users have by way of administrative permissions on Exchange, and access by way of users being delegates to the mailbox (ie if they have ‘Send On Behalf Of’ permissions).

These permissions searches can be run on an automated basis, and their output written to a database.


Access Security Manager

Access Security Manager is a single installable application, and can be installed as read-only version or with full update permissions.

These two versions operate independently, so both can be installed on the same machine if required.


Access Security Manager

Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 or 2010
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007 or 2010
Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010

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