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Advanced Discovery


Discovery, investigation and eDisclosure for email

Advanced Discovery

Email investigation, eDiscovery and eDisclosure

Advanced Discovery provides extensive email investigation and eDiscovery/eDisclosure capabilities, enabling organisations to respond to information requests or litigations ahead of Early Case Assessment (ECA).  Its unique ability to search across live and archive data from both Exchange and Office 365, as well as PST data, provides a more comprehensive view of email than other providers.

Built on C2C’s flagship ArchiveOne Enterprise product, it leverages the Information Management capabilities of Enterprise, and allows expert end users such as legal counsel to drive the Identification, Collection & Preservation activities of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

Benefits at a glance

  • Brings identification, collection and preservation together in an in-house solution
  • Makes organizations “discovery-ready”
  • Minimizes eDiscovery costs, reduces risk, and avoids sanctions
  • Compatible with all recent versions of Microsoft Exchange and Outlook

How can Advanced Discovery help?


Search live & archive email data from Exchange and Office 365

Implement legal hold in anticipation of litigation, to determine Meet and Confer strategy.


Collect, review and cull identified email data

Deliver a smaller, more targeted data set for formal review and analysis.


Store collected email data securely

Ensure it is unmodified so that it is admissible in court.

Advanced Discovery reduces time and costs, and mitigates the legal risks of eDiscovery.

How does Advanced Discovery work?

Advanced Discovery utilises C2C’s established ArchiveOne product to identify, collect, and preserve email information – whether it’s in an archive, in a live mailbox, or in a PST file on an end-user system.

With Advanced Discovery, the legal team and other knowledge workers are able locate and identify relevant emails as well as their attachments without requiring that they be archived first, thus enabling non-intrusive investigations and forensic research.

The provision of detailed information including custodians, number of responsive emails, and file sizes assist in early case assessments, and a built-in tagging capability allows them to categorize results as required.

The web-based Legal Console is an intuitive user interface that support searches across custodians, can filter by data ranges and other metadata fields, and supports full Boolean search criteria, to locate emails and attachments across the enterprise.

Advanced Discovery includes “Legal Hold” which places a full copy of discovered emails and attachments, along with all metadata, in a secure repository which cannot be altered or tampered with.  This repository can then easily be exported into a review platform for subsequent formal eDiscovery activities.

With ArchiveOne Enterprise, IT administrators are able to manage data in place.  They can apply policies, enforce legal hold and even dispose, without first archiving the data. This is highly efficient because it leverages resources already in place, facilitates the management of rapid data growth and secures relevant data for future access and use.


Advanced Discovery has three installable components:

ArchiveOne Server

This central component coordinates all email archive, search and retrieval operations, as well as driving the web interface and maintaining a SQL database.

ArchiveOne Admin Console

This is the IT administration interface for the entire product. It provides a complete overview of operations and is used by IT administrators to manage all processing and resolve error situations.

ArchiveOne PST Processor

This application discovers and processes PST files, and can be run either from each computer with an active Outlook session, or from a centrally located server.
Advanced Discovery provides one web interface:

ArchiveOne Legal Console

Enables IT Administrators and end users to search across live and archived email as well as PST files, to put selected email on legal hold and to retrieve it as needed.







ArchiveOne Server

Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Microsoft IIS 6.0 and above
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (including Express)
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (including Express)
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (including Express)
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
Microsoft Exchange Online
Microsoft Office 365

ArchiveOne Outlook Client

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 8.1
Microsoft Outlook 2003
Microsoft Outlook 2007
Microsoft Outlook 2010
Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft IE 8 and above
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari 

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