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ArchiveOne Enterprise


A comprehensive archiving and information management solution

ArchiveOne Enterprise

Email Archiving and Management

ArchiveOne Enterprise provides Exchange Administrators with the tools they need to maximize efficiency and reduce the costs of growing Microsoft Exchange environments while complying with internal or government policies.

Built on a simple and flexible design, its extended management capabilities allow businesses to govern their data. It is designed for the “real world” where email data resides not just in Exchange or Office 365, but also on network file servers and end user systems – in the form of PST files – where it is not feasible to archive all email data before enforcing retention or searching messages. The “real world” approach of ArchiveOne Enterprise separates it from the competition because it aligns with the needs of the business today and tomorrow.

ArchiveOne Enterprise seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA) and the majority of customers are installed, configured and ready to archive in one day, in fact many refer to it as a “set and forget” solution.  End users can access archived data from their Outlook or OWA folders, even when offline, and in the event that an archived message is deleted, they can search the archive from an integrated web-based search portal.

With end users also able to access archived message from mobile devices, ArchiveOne Enterprise really does provide a transparent end user experience.

Benefits at a glance

  • Integrated platform for archiving, compliance and search
  • Scales to tens of thousands of mailboxes, across multiple Exchange servers
  • Flexible deployment with on- premise and hybrid cloud options
  • Admin console provides a familiar UI for Exchange Administrators
  • Seamless, unobtrusive end user experience and mobile support
  • Compatible with all recent versions of Microsoft Exchange and Outlook



ArchiveOne Enterprise simplifies archiving and management activities

All email data – live, archived and in PST files – can be managed together and in-place within a single solution. This eliminates the need to archive everything first, saving time and resources.

ArchiveOne Enterprise provide a seamless user experience.

End users no longer have to manage storage for their email and work around mailbox quotas, and the close integration with Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA) is unobtrusive and does not impact day-to-day email interactions.

Live and archived email can all be searched from Outlook, Outlook Web Access or the ArchiveOne web portal – making email data accessible from any device, including smartphones and tablets.


Key Features of ArchiveOne Enterprise

Archive via policy for granular control over data

Implement detailed policies to archive, preserve, collect or expire live, PST file and archived data for defensible information management.

Archive via Journal for secure capture of email communication

Securely capture and store email communications for some or all members of your business to enforce compliance with government regulations.

Hold and preserve data

Enforce legal hold on messages, whether in mailboxes, PST files or archive, to meet the demands of eDiscovery

Manage PST data and eliminate PST files

Discovery, centralize, migrate and eliminate PST data and control all corporate email centrally

Search live, personally stored PST) & archive data

Find email data and fulfill eDiscovery requests without archiving – only archive data that needs to be retained

Enforce retention & deletion policies

Automatically maintain compliance and manage the cost of data retention and archiving

Sample live and archive data

Proactively monitor business for adherence to corporate policies










How does ArchiveOne Enterprise work?

ArchiveOne Enterprise provides file and email archiving, backed by a powerful policy engine that delivers granular control over the data.

Administrators can define policies to meet their business requirements, systematically moving data from the primary storage device to designated archive storage, and automatically enforcing retention. They can archive files found on network file servers and email data, including attachments and calendar items, found in Exchange mailboxes, public folders and PST files. Archive policies can be set by age, metadata, content, and many other options, and criteria can be applied to messages and/or attachments.

Alternately, administrators can archive via the Exchange Journal. This is necessary in cases where all email data must be captured to meet regulatory demands.

With ArchiveOne Enterprise, IT administrators can archive and manage data in place

They can apply policies, enforce legal hold and even dispose, without first archiving the data. This is highly efficient because it leverages the resources already in place, effectively facilitates the management of rapid data growth and secures relevant data for future access and use. Administrators can easily identify, preserve and collect relevant data in anticipation of or in response to internal investigations, information requests or litigations.

Whatever the scenario, ArchiveOne Enterprise provides capabilities to sample, search and tag data, across live, personally stored (PST) and archived data, and generate reports. The output gives businesses broad insight to their data that they can use to further drive effective management of their data, or even foresee potential problems. Additionally, administrators can preserve data with legal hold, copy and move actions to mitigate risks associated with their data.

ArchiveOne Enterprise boasts advanced PST management technology that allows IT  to manage PST files and the data within.

Administrators can systematically discover PST files throughout their organization and automatically determine and assign the PST file owner. They can delete PST data by age, in place, migrate PST data between two dates or by folders, to Exchange, Office 365 or ArchiveOne, or centralize PST files by copying or moving them to a network storage device.  Finally, administrators can automatically disconnect and/or delete PST files.


ArchiveOne Enterprise has five installable components:

ArchiveOne Server

This central component coordinates all email archive, search and retrieval operations, as well as driving the web interface and maintaining a SQL database.

ArchiveOne Admin Console

This is the IT administration interface for the entire product. It provides a complete overview of operations and is used by IT administrators to manage all processing and resolve error situations.

ArchiveOne Quick Link Client

An optional component which can be deployed to end user systems and enhances the integration of archive retrieval into Outlook.

ArchiveOne Laptop Client

An optional component which can be deployed to end user systems to allow them to keep and view their archived messages locally when they are disconnected from the network.

ArchiveOne PST Processor

This application discovers and processes PST files, and can be run either from each computer with an active Outlook session, or from a centrally located server.
ArchiveOne Enterprise provides one web interface:

ArchiveOne Search and Retrieval Website

Enables end users to search email archived from their own mailboxes, or from mailboxes they have been granted access to, and to retrieve archived mail.





ArchiveOne Server

Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
Microsoft IIS 6.0 and above
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (including Express)
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (including Express)
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (including Express)
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010
Microsoft Exchange Server 2013
Microsoft Exchange Online
Microsoft Office 365

ArchiveOne Outlook Client

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows 8.1
Microsoft Outlook 2003
Microsoft Outlook 2007
Microsoft Outlook 2010
Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft IE 8 and above
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari



ArchiveOne Enterprise has six configuration options.  These can be deployed individually or as a unified application

ArchiveOne Enterprise Policy

Policy delivers the functionality needed to archive and manage all email data stored in Exchange, without impacting end users.

ArchiveOne Enterprise Policy enables IT Administrators to effectively execute email archiving and management policies against data, in place, to reduce storage capacity, improve server performance, enforce regulatory compliance, enable eDiscovery, and more.

The ability to manage data where it resides separates ArchiveOne Enterprise Policy from the competition because it aligns with existing IT processes and infrastructure, rather than changes them.

ArchiveOne Enterprise Compliance

Compliance provides email archiving direct from the Microsoft Exchange Journal, and maintains a complete and secure archive of all email activity as required by various regulatory bodies.

ArchiveOne Enterprise Compliance enables IT to securely capture email, enforce legal hold, and search archive data to manage compliance requirements, as well as fulfill eDiscovery request and support Information Governance strategies.  When used in conjunction with ArchiveOne Enterprise Policy, customers benefit from a highly effective email archiving and information management solution that reduces email server capacity, enforces regulatory compliance, and limits company liability – all without any end user involvement.

The biggest challenge with managing compliance is ensuring all email communication for every individual to whom the various regulations apply is captured and secured without alteration.   With ArchiveOne Enterprise Compliance, emails are systematically captured at the point they are sent or received.  There is no possibility of user intervention, alteration, or deletion, either inadvertent or intentional, because the process operates in the background. Users are not required to do anything and their email environment is not compromised.

ArchiveOne Enterprise Compliance 365

Compliance 365 captures email securely, enforces legal hold and manages compliance requirements for Office 365.  It enables organizations to search their archive data, fulfil eDiscovery requests and support their Information Governance strategies.

For many organizations, especially those who are undertaking compliance to adhere to specific regulations and requirements, the baseline compliance functionality provided in Office 365 may not be adequate.  They may want to back up compliance data more frequently, provide additional security, or limit who can access this data, and this is difficult to achieve when compliance data is retained within the operational Office 365 environment.

Implement ‘best practice’ compliance for Office 365
ArchiveOne Enterprise Compliance 365 minimizes risk by segregating compliance data from operational data and keeping it in a separate, secure environment, giving you complete control, ownership and access at all times. This ‘best practice’ approach is recommended by many legal professionals and Compliance Officers.

ArchiveOne Enterprise Connector 365

Connector 365 provides access to C2C archive data from within Office 365 or Exchange Online.

Designed for existing ArchiveOne customers who are moving to Office 365 or Exchange Online, it provides their end users with full and unrestricted access to their existing archived email before, during and after migration.  Operation of the connector is fully automated and completely transparent to the end user.

ArchiveOne Enterprise PST Management

PST Management extends the functionality of ArchiveOne to include PST files stored on end-user machines and file servers across the organization.

PST files pose a unique problem to businesses for many reasons, and these problems are compounded because the scale of the problem is not easily quantified. PST files are usually widely scattered across the organization, and their owners and content are often unknown, so the process to manage them is difficult.

The PST Management option provides highly configurable PST capabilities that address the many challenges of managing PST files and the data within them systematically and effectively.

ArchiveOne Enterprise Cloud DR

Cloud DR provides a cloud-based disaster recovery option for on-premises email archives.

It leverages public cloud storage services to provide a level of data protection and disaster recovery that most IT organizations are not able to achieve using on-premises resources alone.

Local archives are automatically synchronized with hosted cloud storage for complete data protection and business continuity. ArchiveOne Enterprise Cloud DR uses Amazon’s S3 cloud for storage, and therefore brings Amazon’s industry-standard Service Level Agreement for availability and reliability.


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