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ArchiveOne Express


Specifically tailored for small to medium sized businesses with 20 to 200 mailboxes, ArchiveOne Express uses the same core technologies as ArchiveOne Enterprise, the simple architecture makes it easy to implement and support – essential for small organizations.

ArchiveOne Enterprise

ArchiveOne Express is a comprehensive email archiving and management solution for smaller organizations.

ArchiveOne Express uses the same core technologies as ArchiveOne Enterprise but is uniquely developed for small to medium sized businesses with up to 200 mailboxes.

It provides Exchange Administrators with the ability to reduce the size of their Exchange Information Store and to improve the health and performance of their Exchange Server. Its simple architecture makes it easy for IT to implement and support – essential for small IT organizations!

ArchiveOne Express also boasts the same seamless integration with Outlook as ArchiveOne Enterprise, making it easy for end users to access archived data – with minimal training or support from IT.

Benefits at a glance

Policy engine for granular control over email data

Improve Microsoft Exchange performance, including backup & recovery processes

Archival of mailboxes, PST files, and public folders

Reduce size of the Microsoft Exchange Information Store

Management of PST data & elimination of PST files

Control all corporate email centrally & meet regulatory obligations

Search live & archive data

Find email data without archiving – only archive data that needs to be retained

Easy installation and configuration

Begin archiving on day 1!

ArchiveOne Express is designed specifically for organizations that simply wish to archive everything with the minimum of fuss.

Configuration is wizard-driven, and with a few clicks of a mouse ArchiveOne Express will deliver the sophisticated email storage management and analytical search that businesses require.

Manage your email data exactly the way you want to

ArchiveOne Express can do much more than just archive email; it enables you to list, archive, delete, and un-archive email data. You can process before or after archiving, making it possible to delete unnecessary email data instead of archiving, reduce ongoing storage management costs and “data fingerprints” risks.

If users have email retained locally in PST files, ArchiveOne Express will automatically discover and consolidate those files to the central archive without end user involvement.

Benefits of ArchiveOne Express

  • Dramatically improves the performance of a Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Takes less than 15 minutes to install with wizard-driven process
  • “Zero-Training Required” for users
  • Offers advanced PST discovery & management
  • Manages legal risks & compliance demands
  • Fast, integrated search and eDisclosure
  • No separate database to administer

How ArchiveOne Express works

Using your own email policy criteria, ArchiveOne Express selects and archives email from mailboxes, PST files and public folders automatically and invisibly. ArchiveOne Express maintains the integrity of archived messages seamlessly and provides users with direct access to their own archived information via a simple click on the item in their existing email client.

Email users gain the impression of an unlimited mailbox and can just keep on saving their messages while, in the background, ArchiveOne Express moves older or larger items onto lower cost storage, removing the hassle of mailbox maintenance such as choosing email for deletion.

Improve Exchange server performance

Backup and restore times for the Exchange data stores are improved by reducing the amount of data held on the email server. Service Level Agreements on critical email system restoration times are improved since the total size of the live email database is reduced and under control.

Zero-user-training-required design

ArchiveOne Express has been designed to offer end users a seamless experience. They do not need to adopt new procedures, require no training and their data remains fully searchable and instantly accessible at any time, even for remote users on mobile devices.

Control PST files with advanced discovery & management

ArchiveOne Express offers best in class PST file discovery, even on laptops with or without Outlook running. It makes it easy to understand the scope of your PST file exposure by discovering all PST files and associated information – size, owner, location and more – and allows you to manage them the way you want.  From just simple discovery to discovery with intelligent actions and through to full migration, you are in total control.

Manage legal risks & compliance demands

To help you meet regulatory requirements such as the Freedom of Information Act, ArchiveOne Express can extract and store a copy of every email sent or received. By archiving internal and external email to secure, indexed repositories, you can ensure you will be able to find critical message content rapidly and with full, demonstrable records of every email transaction suitable for audit requirements.

Advanced eDisclosure Capabilities

ArchiveOne Express provides an unmatched ability to discover archived email at a forensic level. Simple and advanced search options, including Boolean and proximity searches, keep all archived data fully searchable and instantly accessible to the end user, and they can also browse their archived data directly from within Outlook using a familiar folder hierarchy.


ArchiveOne Express has five installable components:

ArchiveOne Server

This central component coordinates all email archive, search and retrieval operations, as well as driving the web interface and maintaining a SQL database.

ArchiveOne Admin Console

This is the IT administration interface for the entire product. It provides a complete overview of operations and is used by IT administrators to manage all processing and resolve error situations.

ArchiveOne Quick Link Client

An optional component which can be deployed to end user systems and enhances the integration of archive retrieval into Outlook.

ArchiveOne Laptop Client

An optional component which can be deployed to end user systems to allow them to keep and view their archived messages locally when they are disconnected from the network.

ArchiveOne PST Processor

This application discovers and processes PST files, and can be run either from each computer with an active Outlook session, or from a centrally located server.
ArchiveOne Express provides one web interface:

ArchiveOne Search and Retrieval Website

Enables end users to search email archived from their own mailboxes, or from mailboxes they have been granted access to, and to retrieve archived mail.







ArchiveOne Server

Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Microsoft IIS 6.0 and above
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (including Express)
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 (including Express)
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007
Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

ArchiveOne Outlook Client

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows 7
Microsoft Outlook 2003
Microsoft Outlook 2007
Microsoft Outlook 2010
Microsoft IE 8 and above
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Apple Safari 

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