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ArchiveOne Files


Management and retention policies for files to improve server performance, reduce storage costs and simplify search and discovery processes


ArchiveOne Files

ArchiveOne for Files provides granular information management and retention policies to ensure that business-critical information is safely protected and instantly retrievable.

How can ArchiveOne for Files help?

ArchiveOne for Files delivers reliable archiving and management capabilities. It solves problems associated with data accumulation and provides an immediate reduction in storage and improvement in performance, without end user disruption.

Like its email counterpart ArchiveOne, it provides a means to reduce server capacity, meet various regulatory requirements and enable eDiscovery of data.

It supports the requirements of FINRA and the SEC, as well other government regulations such as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedures (FRCP), the Freedom of Information Act (FoIA), the Data Protection Act, Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, and the USA Patriot Act.

With ArchiveOne for Files, IT managers can trust that relevant file server data is safely stored and easily accessed

Benefits at a glance

Automatically archives files and document libraries

Reduce file server capacity and associated costs and improve server performance

Extended search & retrieve capabilities

For end users and expert teams such as legal counsel, and IT

Search data, without IT assistance, and efficiently fulfill eDiscovery requests

Powerful policy engine for granular control over data

Meet regulatory demands and automatically maintain compliance

Simple & scalable architecture

Begin archiving on the first day!

Key Features of ArchiveOne for Files

ArchiveOne for Files helps organizations take control of the ever increasing volume of data stored in their environment. From regulatory compliance & data retention legislation to e-discovery activities, ArchiveOne for Files provides a single centralized solution.

Once installed on your server, the software provides a seamless and completely transparent end-user experience requiring no desktop software to be installed on client systems.

Users access their files in exactly the same way as before. If a user accesses a file on a file server that has previously been archived with ArchiveOne for Files, the file is automatically retrieved and restored to its original location. This whole process happens completely automatically without the user having to do anything.

The system allows an administrator to define policies with a high degree of granularity to define exactly how you want to control your data. ArchiveOne for Files is configured and controlled via a simple and intuitive management console.

Advantages of ArchiveOne for Files

  • Data is managed by its business value
  • Management of live and archived file data is centralized
  • Compliance is enforced via retention and disposition policies
  • Search and discover activities are optimized
  • File server performance is optimized
  • Server backup time is shortened
  • Server recovery processes are improved
  • There is no change to end user experience

How does ArchiveOne for Files work?

ArchiveOne for Files is a modular data archiving and retrieval system that is installed on servers running within your organization. The system allows you to design and deploy an effective archival strategy compatible with your business needs.

The system employs individual File Agents that are used to access the data that you want to process.  One Agent must be deployed onto each of your File Servers.

The Agents execute instructions on your behalf. The instructions that the Agents execute are packaged up into Policies. You can define and use as many Policies as you need to carry out your particular archiving strategy.

Data that is discovered by the Agents is stored in a Repository for later retrieval.  The repository contains both the original data uploaded by the Agent and also additional metadata which describes the data and makes it fully searchable.


ArchiveOne for Files has three installable components.  All of these components can be installed on a single server (e.g. a File Server) or onto dedicated hardware:

ArchiveOne for Files Data Processing Services

Responsible for maintaining archive data, and for performing administrative tasks via the ArchiveOne Management Console.

ArchiveOne for Files Management Console

Configures and manages all aspects of the operation of ArchiveOne for Files.

ArchiveOne for Files Agent

Responsible for executing policies on behalf of the Data Processing Service, and for requesting files from the Data Processing Service and passing them back to the calling application.  Each File Server will have an agent installed on it.









ArchiveOne for Files

Microsoft Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Windows Server 2008
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2

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