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MaX Compression


Advanced compression technology to reduce Microsoft Exchange storage requirements by 50% or more

MaX Compression

The volume of email being sent and received is increasing every year, and the average number and size of email attachments is also increasing.  This is putting an ever-increasing strain on email infrastructure.

How can Max Compression help?

MaX Compression confronts this challenge by automatically compressing email attachments, whatever their source or destination.  Email attachments account for as much as 80% of the Exchange Information Store, but MaX Compression is capable of reducing the size of attachments by up to 90%, giving a reduction in Exchange storage requirements by 50% or more.

The enterprise level compression technology in MaX Compression can provide immediate incremental benefits to any Exchange environment. It is simple to install and configure and is also completely invisible in operation to Outlook users.

Key features of MaX Compression

Reduces storage demands

Attachments typically make up around 80% of any given Microsoft Exchange Information Store. MaX Compression can reduce attachments by up to 90%, resulting in a reduction of more than 50% of typical storage demands.  As well as reducing Customers typically achieve an ROI of up to 36:1.

Completely transparent to end users

MaX Compression is completely transparent to end users – all compression and decompression is carried out automatically in the background.  Attachments appear as they would in uncompressed format – even the correct icon is preserved.  Users receive all of the benefit of compression without any of the inconvenience.

Improves performance

Reducing the size of the Exchange Information Store can bring significant improvements in the performance of Microsoft Exchange Server.  Because the size of each email is considerably smaller this will reduce the amount of bandwidth required for email traffic, improving email transmission times & eliminating network bottlenecks.

Industry standard technology

MaX Compression is compatible with all major manual zipping and unzipping utilities, but these are not normally needed to enable MaX Compression to function as all required functionality is included within the product.

Highly configurable

MaX Compression’s Smart Mode rule set allows the administrator to configure central rules to determine which compression mode to use at the point an email is sent.  The result is that all users benefit from the most efficient compression type.

Scaleable solution

MaX Compression is highly scaleable, and is a proven solution in organizations of all sizes.  The largest customer for MaX Compression has been using it successfully for several years across more than 160,000 desktops.

Application modules

There are four MaX Compression modules, which can be used individually to target specific problems or in combination as required.

MaX Compression Server provides compression of existing data in Exchange Information Stores.  Data size can be reduced by well over 50%, reducing storage costs, further improving the speed of the messaging system and reducing backup and restore times.

MaX Compression Client is an industry-standard auto zip/unzip tool that is integrated with Outlook and is totally invisible to the user.

MaX Compression OWA allows users of Outlook Web Access to send and receive compressed attachments in the same way as Outlook users, seamlessly.  This is of particular benefit for the productivity of remote email users.

MaX Compression Gateway works with Exchange to automatically compress inbound mail and uncompress some or all outbound mail, depending upon configurable rule sets.


MaX Compression has three installable components:

MaX Compression Service

This provides the MaX Compression Server which carries out compression processing for existing emails within Exchange. Each Service can process a single Exchange Server, or it can process all servers in an Exchange site or admin group.

MaX Compression Admin (MaX Admin)

This application configures and manages all aspects of the operation of MaX Compression.

MaX Compression Reader

This is an Outlook add-in that decompresses existing emails to enable them to be viewed, and also compresses new emails before they are sent.



Max Compression Service

Microsoft Windows Server 2003, 2008 or 2010
Microsoft IIS Version 6.0 or later
Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, 2007 or 2010

Max Compression Admin

Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Server 2003

MaX Compression Reader

Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Server 2003
Microsoft Outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010


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