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PST Capture Tool Support

February 28, 2012
Author: Ken Hughes

Since I wrote my 5 Limitations of Microsoft PST Capture Tool blog post we have been inundated with website hits from people looking for ‘PST capture support’ and ‘PST capture installation instructions’.

I read two things into this – firstly that there is a lot of interest in the Microsoft PST Capture Tool, which I think is a good thing. Elimination of PSTs is a positive move, however people are trying to accomplish it, and secondly that people are struggling with the tool.

To be honest I’m not really surprised by the latter, the Microsoft Tool is really designed for small migrations, I’d go as far as to say it would be effective in a project of 200 PSTs, at a stretch, but any more than that and you get into all manner of scalability issues and complexities.

If you think about just one of the limitations – the time / effort it takes it simply to assign a destination mailbox (Click ‘Set destination mailbox…’, scroll / browse or search the Global Address List to find the required user, Click ‘OK’) – and extrapolate this out by the number of PSTs you have found, it quickly becomes apparent that it would require multiple dedicated staff to work through a few thousand and a large dedicated team to scale this to work through hundreds of thousands.

Our PST Enterprise solution – simple to install, easy to use and incredibly scalable (to over 5 million PST files) – is an additional cost, but the savings in time / effort quickly offset any initial outlay and provide a very quick return on investment.

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