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Advanced solutions for information management, compliance and ediscovery aim to improve the management of email within organisations.

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C2C provide a range of advanced solutions for email and file data management and our technical ability to discover email whether it is the live email system, a PST file (on a server or a remote laptop) or in an archive has taken us into the ediscovery and edisclosure markets.

Easy to install, the familiar concepts of our products mean they are intuitive to use with minimal end user disruption and provide real value to our customers, which is why over 85% are still using the C2C solutions they initially installed.

Business Solutions

Our solutions help address a number of information management requirements for business 

Email Archiving

C2C’s solutions are transparent to end users, yet emails are archived and automatically managed per policies which are simple to create, tailor, and extend, from very general to highly granular


C2C’s solutions ensure that emails subject to compliance regulations are captured, indexed and secured from operational email data, retained or destroyed as required, enabling businesses to provide a full audit trail for actions taken on every message or search repositories, implement legal hold, and export data as needed.

EDisclosure & Investigation

C2C’s solutions include robust search capabilities and allow knowledge workers to easily retrieve email data which is relevant to eDiscovery, edisclosure, and freedom of information requests

PST Management

C2C offers several solutions to manage and migrate PST files; C2C’s solutions are highly automated, require no end user intervention, and can locate, identify, and manage PSTs including applying existing information management policies prior to migrations.

Information Governance

C2C’s solutions support Information Governance strategies with tools that manage/monitor access, identify and take action on pertinent data, automatically enforce retention/defensible disposition policies, reducing data volumes and support ediscovery processes.

Capacity Management

Our solutions dramatically reduce the size of email information stores through our industry-leading automated compression and single-instance storage


Industry Solutions

C2C’s information management solutions are suited for a wide variety of industries and deployed across a range of customers in virtually every industry.  C2C is a preferred provider in the business segments below:


C2C provides flexible archiving and capacity management regardless of the customer’s environment, so careful investments in regulatory security are preserved, and recently issued HIPPA Omnibus Rules can be satisfied through C2C’s compliance and policy archiving


C2C provides powerful, automated tools to manage the personal archives (PSTs) which are prevalent among providers with legions of in-field agents, and C2C’s archiving solutions satisfy the industry’s need to secure and easily search email data related to claims from any device

Public Sector

C2C’s powerful information management solutions are perfectly suited to the Public Sector’s need for transparency, enabling them to secure email data per regulatory requirements yet easily search and retrieve it for Freedom of Information purposes

Legal Community

C2C’s longevity in the market satisfies this risk-averse community’s need for a proven, tested provider, and C2C’s easy-to-use solutions are well suited to an industry with little time or inclination for training or new workflows..


Platform Solutions


C2C has over 20 years of experience delivering on-premise Information Management solutions for Microsoft Exchange, and our solutions can operate with all versions from Exchange 2003 right through to the latest Exchange 2013

Our in‑depth understanding of the Microsoft Exchange platform and the real-life challenges facing Exchange Administrators enables us to build products that are easy to install and easy to use.

Office 365

We have recently extended our products to support Exchange Online and Office 365.  This includes operating in the hybrid environments typically found in larger organisations, where there is a mix of on-premise Exchange and cloud Office 365 mailboxes.


Our ArchiveOne products can be extended to use cloud‑based storage services, providing customers with a comprehensive cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solution for their email archives.



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