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Businesses are continuously challenged by an ever increasing number of regulations that they must comply with.

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Businesses are continuously challenged by an ever increasing number of regulations that they must comply with.

Regulated industries like financial services must adhere to FINRA and SEC, healthcare companies to HIPAA, and public entities need to comply with the FOIA. Most publicly-traded companies need to comply with SOX regulations, and all companies need to comply with a range of Federal and state employment laws. Compliance is not simply adhering to the rules and regulations in these various laws, it is demonstrating and documenting the company’s intent to comply. That documentation is in the form of email, meaning companies need to keep accurate archives of all such emails.

All companies and organizations – public or private-sector – face the additional challenge of audits and litigation. In both cases, emails are as important as contracts and other documents, and both must be not only preserved but produced when required. Public companies have an additional challenge in FOIA requests, which are much like litigation except they can happen on a much more frequent and time-constrained basis.

Companies and organizations who fail to demonstrate their compliance face fines and worse. Some legislation, like FCPA which applies to any US company doing business outside the US, carry criminal punishments as well. Whatever the size of an organization, compliance is a challenge and preserving the record of compliance in the form of email is a necessity. When organizations are required to produce these emails, they need applications that can quickly locate and recover relevant email without needing expensive consultants or large amounts of time and resources.

C2C understands these challenges and provides solutions to efficiently manage corporate email and meet the demands of regulatory agencies, as well as audits and litigations. C2C’s solutions capture, index and securely store all email sent and received for specific individuals or groups within an organization. Further, C2C’s solutions enforce retention and destruction of email and provide a full audit trail for all actions taken on every message. And, in the case of litigation, IT or expert end users, like Litigation Managers, can search the secure repositories, implement legal hold, and export data as needed.

In effect, C2C enables businesses to operate in a compliant manner and, in turn, reduce their legal risks with minimal overhead.


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