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C2C understands that today’s corporations are continuously challenged by increasingly complex eDiscovery demands and disjointed processes to meet them.

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C2C understands that today’s corporations are continuously challenged by increasingly complex eDiscovery demands and disjointed processes to meet them.

For instance,

  • The location of relevant email data is often unknown, making it difficult to search.
  • Access to email is restricted and sometimes results in end user down time.
  • Collecting email is resource intensive and expensive, often requiring full copies of mailboxes and archives, and assistance from on-site forensic consultants.


For Corporate IT …

Most IT organizations provide eDiscovery services as the need arises. This reactive approach diverts IT Administrators from their primary responsibilities for the duration of the discovery and often leads to project delays and increased costs. Further, it exposes the company to undue legal risks as IT may not have the tools or time needed to locate and gather all of the email data required by the eDiscovery request.

C2C believes that the best way for IT to mitigate the challenges of eDiscovery is to be prepared. A well thought out information management strategy can save time and money and reduce risks associated with eDiscovery. An email management solution like ArchiveOne provides a solid foundation for any comprehensive Information Management strategy to be built on because its sophisticated policy engine allows granular control over the data and its advanced search capabilities provide access to email – live or archived – anywhere in the organization.

Businesses that implement such solutions are typically better positioned to respond to eDiscovery requests because they retain only what they need and have access to it when they need it.  Managing email data up front drives efficiency into downstream IT discovery processes – identification, collection, preservations – and reduces time, costs and risks of eDiscovery.

For Legal Counsel …

While a strong Information Management strategy will drive efficiency into any eDiscovery process, a drawback to IT-driven discovery is that IT is rarely in a position to determine if they’ve identified and collected the right email data. This in turn leads to IT either capturing more data than is needed, clogging the discovery process downstream, or repeating identification and collection processes, delaying downstream discovery activities. A better option is to allow expert end users, such as Litigation Managers, Legal Reviewers and Human Resources, to search and collect all email data across custodians, by keywords and date ranges, directly.

C2C solutions focus on streamlining the EDRM and empowering expert end users to explore email data early by iteratively searching until the most responsive messages are identified, and then collecting and preserving them in a secure litigation repository.  Additionally, these expert end users can manage message-level legal holds ensuring that the most critical data is fully protected. The result is a smaller, more targeted data set that can be packaged for formal processing, review and analysis.

The benefit is that legal teams can plan their eDiscovery strategy very early in the discovery process, even before ECA, and reduce the overall time and cost of discovery and litigation. This in turn ensures they can meet the tight time frames imposed by regulations like the FRCP.


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