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Whether endorsed, despised or tolerated by IT departments, PST files should not be ignored.   Legacy PST files present a hidden threat to your business and can quickly compromise the success of your enterprise IT projects

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A PST file can represent thousands of individual emails which may all need to be dealt with before an organization can proceed with a strategic IT project such as email migration, completing an “access anywhere” VDI project, accomplishing BYOD initiatives, responding to eDiscovery requests, consolidating disparate email networks or demonstrating compliance.

Email conversations contained in a PST file, stored on a user’s laptop exist outside of the primary email environment and thus usually outside of any information management policies.

What risks do PST files represent?

  • Collectively, PST files store thousands, possibly millions of messages and consume terabytes of storage. They complicate backup and recovery processes.
  • PST files are difficult to discover, more difficult to search and typically do not comply with government or corporate information management policies, frustrating both Corporate IT and Legal Representatives.
  • PST data is difficult to migrate and ingest into the Exchange Information Store, or archive to a third party solution.
  • Ultimately, PST files present a hidden threat, consuming valuable resources, complicating eDisclosure and increasing organizations’ legal risk. 

What are the business benefits of managing PSTs?

Dealing with legacy pst files allows IT to regain control of their distributed corporate email and mitigate the risks associated with unmanaged PST data enabling organizations to:

  • Reduce costs associated with supporting and storing many thousands of end user created PST files that consume terabytes of storage.
  • Manage PST data to comply with government and corporate information management policies.
  • Minimize the risks and limit corporate liability associated with dark data in the form of undiscovered PST data.

How can C2C help with PST Management?

C2C has years of experience solving PST management problems for enterprises across a range of industries.  Our simple yet sophisticated solutions address all the complexities and challenges of managing PST files, providing robust and automated PST capture and discovery, migration/ingestion and elimination of PST files.

ArchiveOne is a comprehensive email management platform and is appropriate for those who want  a ‘cover all’ solution for all their corporate email.

PST Enterprise is a stand-alone non-invasive application for those who simply want to discover, manage, migrate and eliminate PST files.




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